How Paytm Makes Money

How Paytm Makes Money

Paytm reported revenue of Rs 3186 crore and a loss of Rs 1,704 crore during FY 21. 

Paytm Makes Money
How Paytm Makes Money

Here are 7 top revenue sources which helps it to make money -

Paytm Wallet - When users keep their money in Paytm Wallet, Paytm deposit this money in their partner bank account and earns interest on this money.

Digital Gold - Paytm has partnered with India's well-known gold refiner MMTC-PAMP. When we buy gold using this, Paytm earns a little commission.

Payment Solutions - Paytm offers smart payment solutions for online businesses. Paytm earns a commission on every transaction.

Recharge Services - You can use online recharge services like mobile subscriptions, TV channel subscriptions. Paytm earns a commission from these operators.

Payment Bank - It is just like a digital bank where users can deposit their money and Paytm earns interest on this money by depositing it in their partner banks.

Paytm Mall - Paytm Mall is an e-commerce platform. Paytm charges fees and commissions from sellers to use it.

Bill Payment - Users can pay bills like telephone, water, broadband, gas, etc. Paytm earns a commission from these service providers.

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