The End of HD DVDs

The End of HD DVDs

The End of HD DVDs

Let's go to 2 decades back when HD DVD and Blu-ray were two formats for high definition DVDs.

HD DVD was primarily funded and marketed by Toshiba and launched in 2006. But Blu-ray was developed by Sony.

The End of HD DVDs
When HD DVD was first launched, it had a sales lead over Blu-ray. Because it was technically superior, significantly cheaper, and less restrictive.

But SONY introduced it's PlayStation 3 with an integrated Blu-Ray player. So, to compete with SONY, Microsoft supported Toshiba.

As a reply to SONY, Microsoft started selling its video game console Xbox 360 with an integrated HD-DVD player.

But when Microsoft jumped into the game, many other players like Apple etc also didn't support HD-DVD. 

Because they knew that Microsoft will create Monopoly in the video industry if they don't stop it. 

So, Finally, Toshiba officially announced that it would stop manufacturing HD-DVD players by March 2008.

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