The Story of Bisleri

The Story of Bisleri

The Story of Bisleri

Felice Bisleri, an Italian chemist, invented Bisleri in Verolanuova in 1851. (Italy).

The Story of Bisleri
Dr Rossi, Felice Bisleri's friend, took over the Bisleri company after his death.

Dr Rossi established the first 'Bisleri Water Plant' in Thane in 1965. Khushroo Suntook, an Indian lawyer helped him. ​​

People thought they were mad since selling water in India at the time was considered stupid.

In 1969, Parle purchased Bisleri India and began selling water in glass bottles. Then they moved to non-returnable PVC bottles.

It owns more than 60 per cent market share in packaged water segment in India.

Many fake brands, such as Belsri, Bilseri, Brislei, and Bislaar, are available on the market.

That's why their clever marketing slogan is "Har paani ki bottle Bisleri nahi hoti"

The Story of Bisleri

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