Why Fanta is called Fanta ?

Why Fanta is called Fanta ?


During world war II, there was no shipping between Germany and the US. 

So, it became difficult for German Coca-Cola plants to import Coca-Cola from the US.

German Coca-Cola Company Head Max Keith developed a new drink using ingredients only available in Germany.
He mixed whey and apple fibre with seasonal fruits. Thus, a new fruit-flavoured drink was made.

Max Keith came up with an employee contest to name the new this new drink.

He told employees to use their fantasie (Imagination in German) to decide the new name.

Upon hearing that, salesman Joe Knipp immediately suggested the name Fanta. That's how it was named.

Fanta has over 90 flavours worldwide. It is sold in more than 190 Countries.
Fanta Flavour

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