The story of Paytm Mafia

The story of Paytm Mafia

We all have heard the team PayPal Mafia. A group of former PayPal employees who changed the world with their revolutionary products.

Let's discuss its Indian version i.e. Paytm Mafia.
 A few successful startups founded by former Paytm team members -

1) SimSim - This is a video-based commerce app that was later acquired by YouTube. Both founders have worked in Paytm.

2) Park+ - This startup provides a smart parking solution that has raised $11 million in funding. The founder Amit Lakhotia has worked in Paytm.

park 3) Junio - This fintech startup has raised $3 million in funding. Both founders Shankar Nath and Ankit Gera have worked in Paytm.

junio4) IndiaGold - This startup provides instant gold loans. It has raised $14 million in funding. Both founders Deepak Abbot and Nitin Mishra have worked in Paytm.

5) Pocket FM - Pocket FM is an audiobook & podcast app. It has raised around $7 million. Founder Rohan Nayak has worked with Paytm. 

pocket fm

It is good for the Indian startup ecosystem that companies like Flipkart, Paytm etc are producing more and more entrepreneurs.

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