Financial Lessons from Squid Game

Financial Lessons from Squid Game

1) Insurance is important
Seong Gi-Hun’s mother fell sick but was unable to undergo treatment.

Her son, in fact, cancels their medical insurance and spends the entire sum on gambling.

With healthcare being so expensive, it would be wise to invest in insurance policies to safeguard your future.

2) Protect your accounts

Seong Gi-hun takes his mother's ATM card and uses his own daughter's date of birth as the PIN, which worked.

So, always set a PIN that is hard to steal or predict.

3) Focus on paying off your debt
The characters in “Squid Game” are mostly in deep debt, which causes them to make even more bad decisions.

Consider the following questions before taking out a loan:
Is it possible for me to make the monthly payment?
How much time do I have to repay it?

One of the most basic rules of investing is to limit your debt.

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