Russia Winning Ukraine But Loosing World?

Russia Winning Ukraine But Loosing World?

Hundreds of businesses and organizations have broken ties with Russia as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

H&M stated on Wednesday that its Ukrainian stores have been temporarily closed for safety concerns and that sales in Russia have been temporarily halted.

According to sources, Boeing announced Tuesday that it has halted key operations in Moscow, as well as maintenance, parts, and technical support services for Russian airlines, as well as closing its Kyiv office.

In response to Russia's "unprovoked attack on Ukraine," Spotify suspended its Russian office indefinitely and joined Google and Apple in deleting all content from RT and Sputnik from its platform.

Formula One announced in a statement obtained by the BBC that it has terminated its "contract with the Russian Grand Prix promoter," indicating that Russia would no longer host a race.

Honda's automobile and motorcycle exports to Russia have been halted, a company representative told Reuters on Wednesday, blaming shipping and payment issues as the reason.

According to sources, streaming service Roku pulled the Russian state-controlled television network RT from its channel stores in the United States on Tuesday, one day after it was removed from European retailers.

EA Sports stated Wednesday that it has begun removing the Russian national team and Russian clubs from its FIFA video games "in solidarity with the Ukrainian people," following moves by FIFA and the Union of European Football Associations to prevent the Russian squad from competing on Monday.

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